Chad Willis

People often say they don’t want to be a product of their environment. For me, Chad Willis, it’s always been more than a saying; it’s been a necessity. In the most challenging of circumstances, I’ve always fought tooth and nail to rise above the challenges of my surroundings. To create a life that I could be proud of and make an impact far beyond the four walls of my immediate family and friends. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. And the Best Part is, I’m just getting started!

I’ve discovered that the process of aligning your work with your passion produces the largest results. So now I work day and night focused on helping others to see and create a lifestyle that goes above and beyond anything they ever imagined themselves.  A lifestyle filled with Love, Family, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Community, Compassion and Financial Independence. Everything I do each day is guided by this thought:

NEVER allow the circumstances of life to impede on your ability to manifest your dreams. Dig deeper into your dreams and deeper into yourself and believe that anything is possible, and then make it happen. You were created for Greatness!

What made me really focus on my own physical transformation? I desperately wanted to be the absolute best person I could be for myself and my family, both physically and emotionally. Living in Michigan, where the obesity rate is outrageously high, I watched my friends, family, and what seemed like everyone around me including myself, struggle with weight problems that then translated into confidence issues. I had friends who looked 10 years older than they actually were because of their weight, health and lifestyle. I was tired of having no energy, feeling little passion, and I saw myself going down the same road as many of the people around me.

Once I decided to dedicate my life to this journey of transformation, I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming interest people around me had as I changed. On top of that, my relationship with my wife and children seemed to be improving, seemingly a result of me being more open and engaged myself. I had people coming to me for advice, direction, and mentorship. Many of them asking, “What are you doing? How are you so different; So happy and full of life. And how are you changing your body like this?” These types of questions made me even hungrier for more transformational knowledge which I continued to share with the people who would approach me. Somehow, by default, I ended up becoming a resource for many people around me on how to change your health, fitness, personal and family life.  

This process that I was engaged in myself, along with helping others to do the same began to radically change my life! I had more energy, slept deeper, had more confidence, communicated better and enjoyed a fuller life all around with my family. We continued to grow closer and closer. I realized then that everything in our life is reflected in our physical body. Once I was able to transform, all other aspects of my life improved. I’ve dedicated myself to becoming an expert at transformation with a greater degree of body and emotional awareness. I have learned how to be better, how and when to eat cleaner, how to train smart and efficiently for maximum results and also how to balance my time differently to enjoy work, activities, myself, family and friends.

This page is dedicated to sharing with you the process and experiences that have changed my life and my family forever.