Time flies doesn’t it? One day your wishing the week would hurry up and “just be over already” and then next day you wake up wondering how 10 years have flown by so fast.  Sitting here as I type and thinking about my day, my life, my personal goals and how fast time flies.     I do a lot of self-reflecting because I feel like it’s one of the only ways to really grow as individuals. Reflecting on what I’ve been doing right, what isn’t working and what “right” direction I need to continue moving forward in a positive way. We all make mistakes while living as humans being as we have been blessed with freedom to do so. That is one beautiful thing in our life.. (Mistakes) Through the process of learning and growing from our mistakes we can allow our divine nature to shine brightly. I believe that reflection is one of the most important parts of the” learning process of life.” I’ve recently made a lot of major life changes. Change can be scary but I like to look at change as an new opportunity to achieve greater things. No longer suppressed by someone else’s ideas of how things “ought to be,” – The more I focus on my own voice and the voices of encouraging friends, the more I’ve grown to believe in myself. Engraved with a mindset of never allowing myself to fail and to have strong faith in my abilities, I found the light inside of me to bring forward the resiliency that lay dormant. I’m excited everyday about this next chapter in my life. Finding the right direction may require the journey of a lifetime, I do believe that there is one direction that we are all meant to go and that’s forward.


Chad Willis – Finding Me