Stress is a constant companion lurking around the shadows of our everyday life these days. No matter what we do, the 24-hour in a day seems to never be enough and we always find ourselves struggling to finish our list of responsibilities with work, family, friends or even our pets (if we have one)! Our never ending list of things to do gets bogged down with more things to do as we go through our daily life.

Nowadays, we get so pre-occupied with stuff that we often forget about ourselves. We may not notice it but we take ourselves for granted, particularly our health as we go thru the everyday struggle of our life. It is easy to push ourselves to the limit until we finish a task, but what if the limit causes irreversible damage to our body? Our body is our vehicle towards accomplishments. If it fails, it will not get you anywhere. So while we are stressing out in thinking how to get a promotion or how much it costs to buy a new car or when the next paycheck is coming in to pay the bills, pause and breathe.

Most of the time when asked about exercise or finding a time of the day to have a “me time”, the answer is “I don’t have the time to do this”. While it is true in most cases, the idea here is that in order to rejuvenate ourselves, we need to find the time. The modern world that we live in is not so forgiving to give us an extra hour or even minute to insert an activity that will focus on YOU. We need to remember that while we are bombarded with a pile of things to do, we do owe ourselves some slack. Allocate a time every day to allow you to relax, unwind and relieve yourself from all the stress in the world. Some people find that doing a bit of yoga or meditation helps. Others find it relaxing to go for a quick massage or even just walking around outside to have some fresh air. It doesn’t need to take a full hour to be able to do these things. A quick 15-minute break will go a long way to relieve a lot of stress. At the beginning, you might feel that doing these are a waste of time and keeps you off from finishing what you need to do. On the contrary, a refreshed body and mind is a lot more able to finish anything quickly rather than trying your hardest to fulfill something while you are at the peak of your stress.

If even after doing any of these quick tricks does not seem to shrug the stress off, it might be time to do a bit of a break from your stressors, be it your work or family. Pack your bags to do a weekend trip or immerse in a nature trip. Keep your mind off things and stay away from your stress factors for a whole day. It might be the same situation as it is when you left it but having taken a break, you will come back refreshed and batteries replenished to tackle anything.

In a society that demands a lot from us, it is easy to get stressed to almost anything. The key in order to survive in these modern times is to remember to put your own welfare above everything else. So when life gets a bit tough, pause a little, take a break. Our bodies should be on the top of our priorities over anything else.

By Chad Willis