I just wanted to send a quick note for everyone in response to another round of wild posts that have been made across some of my social media outlets. I’ll admit that while it can be somewhat of an annoyance at times, I do find the content of their posts quite comical when I happen to see them. Apparently I have the government and police of several major countries in my back pocket, and am also filtering money through the outreach programs that my wife and I organize. I’m not sure what it’ll be next time, but a couple more posts from this group and I’ll be the front-runner to become the next evil villain of Gotham City!

At times it can be tough not to dwell on it when the things being said are so absurd, but I always stay grounded and level headed as I continue to build my current business. When this first started (4 years ago!) It was really hard not to take it to heart. I can joke about it now because this experience has definitely given me a thicker skin, which is a good thing by all means! For anyone that decides to read this, that’s definitely the take away… If you, and all the people close to you, know what is in your heart and who you really are, then anything that is said about you publicly is inconsequential – no matter how absurd it is. When it comes down to it, there is personal growth, lessons to be learned and positivity to be gained out of any situation that you happen to find yourself in on this amazing journey we call life.

I always get such a heart-warming outpour of support every time this happens, and I really want everyone to know just how much it means to me. I still get letters from worried friends, so thank you, but please know that my family and I are completely fine. If anything, just stay tuned for some very exciting news, because with the help of a great team I’ll be painting a very clear picture for everyone as to what this group has put my family and I through. My hope is that our story of perseverance, determination and ultimate success will inspire, and help uncover the greatness that exists inside each and every one of us!

Smile To The World & I Promise It Will Smile Back…


By Chad Willis