In life we all deal with success, failure, and those profound peaks and valleys. The majority of you have known me for my entire life–you know how we were raised–and it’s no secret that I’ve made allot of mistakes and hit allot of valleys… At this point in my life journey, I have realized that dwelling on the past leaves absolutely no room for the personal growth I desire. So, for the past few years I have made a conscious decision to turn over a new leaf–to set this past aside–and live a new life filled with optimism, hope, compassion and determination to not only grow as a Man, Husband, and Father, but to inspire and influence anyone I come in contact with.

During one of my lowest, but most life-changing moments, I managed to catch the attention of a very unsavory group that relentlessly attempted to extort me while threatening my family and those around me.

It’s been pretty quiet on all fronts for several years; however, it was just brought to my attention that this group is attempting to resurface in my life. My Facebook account was recently hacked and I believe this was done in an attempt to gain some sort of leverage and reinforce the new wave of shakedown messages that I am now receiving once again.

As my friends and family, I’d like to send a quick heads-up on the off chance that anyone receives any messages/communication from this group. If it does happen, I ask that you take it with a grain of salt, just as I have always done and will continue to do. If anyone would like to reach out to me, I’m always here and more than happy to chat.

I really have been on nothing short of a 10-year hiatus discovering who I really am, and what my true purpose in this world is. I’m not sure why I felt that I couldn’t come back to Michigan until I had found what I was looking for, but now I just chalk it up to being all part of the bigger plan! I’m excited to say that I’ll be heading back to Michigan shortly for the summer, and I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone that I’ve lost touch with over the years.

I want to thank those around me for their continued love and support, and for inspiring me to become the man I am today!

By Chad Willis

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