Don’t pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. If you are on the road to your success, then know that its going to be a road that will have pot holes, its going to test your ability to stay the course, and it’s going to constantly show you the exits to get off. It’s all a part of the journey because nothing worth having comes easy.

Let your weaknesses be greeted with your unseen strengths. Let your insecurities remain in the shadow casted by standing tall in confidence. Let your fears be outweighed by your beliefs. Let the road to success know how focused you are by continuing to travel it no matter how many bumps there are.

These traits are only gained from overcoming the struggles and if you haven’t struggled in your journey yet then you’re not setting the bar high enough for yourself.

Whether or not you think you can achieve higher than you’re reaching, you can. We are all meant for greatness, we just have to earn it.

By Chad Willis

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