This New Year’s Resolution Creates Lasting Change…

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

I originally started to write a post offering tons of different New Year’s resolutions and tips to stick to them to create lasting change.

Then I realized that it didn’t feel authentic to me.

I don’t believe New Year’s Day is any different than any other day. I don’t think a random point in the time measurement system we’ve created requires us to make a laundry list of things we need to change or improve.

New Year’s Eve is, in fact, just another day, and the next day is one, as well. (more…)


Some of you have probably noticed a drastic change in me over the last few months. I really looked at myself and realised how out of balance my life was, I put some serious focus into rebalancing. I have watched the world around me change quickly.

Imagine a tightrope walker in a circus. He is on a rope suspended a few feet above the straw covered floor. His purpose is to walk the line from one end to other. He holds a long bar in his hands to help him maintain his balance. But he must do more than merely walk. On his shoulders, he balances a chair. And in that chair sits a young woman who is holding a rod on her forehead, and on top of that rod is a plate. (more…)


I am 45 years old & have had a few years that would take most men down to their knees… Despite losing so much, I have decided to use this time to perfect myself as a man.”

I know lesser men, even myself started down this path of drinking themselves into oblivion or just give up on life.  Nope. Not me I am taking this crappy situation as a challenge – “alright life, you might have knocked me down… but you are not going to win.  I’m getting back up, and I’m going to kick your ass.” (more…)

When & How To Make A Change

How to Make a Stand to Change the World.

One of my favourite things to do is dream up all the ways I could make a difference in the world. Of course, there are countless ways to do it, and it’s easy to just get lost in my thoughts if I let myself; I could spend days just sitting and thinking if I wanted to – probably even weeks or years.

The real trick, I think, is finding something that can change the world and actually feels doable – something that doesn’t require you to do something impossible to actually succeed. (more…)

Still Drinking Alcohol? Why I Stopped For Good

I love a cocktail myself, but it doesn’t love me back.

A cocktail may relax me for the time being, but the next day, I always feel confused, anxious and like I am contemplating and critiquing all of my life decisions. My buddy recently told me that he refers to this feeling as the “Sunday Scaries…” the impending doom you feel after a Saturday night of boozing. (more…)

Chad Willis – 30 Behaviours That Will Make You Unstoppable

A lot of people are good at what they do. Some are even elite. A select few are completely unstoppable.

Those who are unstoppable are in their own world. They don’t compete with anyone but themselves. You never know what they will do — only that you will be forced to respond. Even though they don’t compete with you, they make you compete with them.

Are you unstoppable? By the end of this blog you will be.

Let’s get started: (more…)