Growing up as a kid, I never got to visit many places. I would see commercials on Saturdays when I would watch cartoons and I would ask when we would be going. We couldn’t afford to go then. 

I’ve heard the phrase “I didn’t come from anything” but as my brother Cory Willis says, “how much money you grow up with doesn’t determine your worth.” I grew up with parents and people who loved me the best they knew how too. Money can’t buy you morals or character.

I get the question of what keeps me driven often. The answer is Not Money. 

It’s the ability to manifest something with substance that affects the lives of others around me in a positive way that keeps me driven.

It’s being able to give back not just to those who supported me or continue to support me but those who really need it.

It’s the ability to have an opportunity to Be Great and leave the world having a purpose.

I’m finally getting settled into this life knowing I truly have Found Me… Each night before bed I get to watch the sun set over the ocean, the same one I dreamed about as a child.

Each night I am reminded of where I came from and that there is still so much more to be accomplished: accomplishments that can only be achieved by ‪#‎GivingBack‬ & Hard Work.


By Chad Willis

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