Life is a collection of our thoughts, thought patters and our actions. Each step we take in life is connected with our innermost emotions and reasoning that is tied to those emotions. It is thus of significant importance to learn in life how to control out thoughts to the best of our abilities and stir them in positive thought patters even when we are dealing with the hardest times.

Each person possesses immense power within their spiritual essence that is governed by our minds. Healthy minds are to be cultivated with stirring always in positive ways to avoid mixing way too many negative emotions that impede our physical selves as well as spiritual selves.

We can become a vibration of a thought and send out that vibration or wave to others around us. If this vibration is positively charged we will attract mostly positive vibrations back to us. The same can be said of negatively charged vibrations.

Our self-confidence is that positive or negative essence of our thought vibrations that we send out to our environment. Self-confidence is vital to be present in a person in healthy doses. If you’re suffering from a lack of self-confidence you will be happy to know that self-confidence can be attained by auto-suggestions that focus on the person you wish to become in the near future.

Write down your short term and long term goals on a piece of paper or into your notepad on your personal computer. Be specific with what you want to achieve and by when you want to achieve it. Investigate ways to get to your goals in set time. Research actionable steps you can do immediately and in the following weeks to set yourself on the action path to your definite goals.

Do not be deterred by obstacles or your current circumstances since the most important thing is where you want to be in the future and not where you are in the present. Focus on what you can do right now, and concentrate on the resources that are at your disposal in the current moments even if the only tools you have are your mind, ideas, hands and feet.

We are all equipped with a fantastic tool which is our brain that took thousands of years to properly develop and adjust to outside conditions and circumstances. Use your brain and learn something new at least every month. It is never too late to improve on something or expand our existing knowledge since life itself is in most cases a learning experience with at times steep learning curves.

Have faith in yourself and in your abilities that will sharpen over time and only get better even when at first we are not enough competent in a certain area. Faith and passion are two moving forces in this world. Lack of faith in ourselves will rock our building blocks of success. Whatever or whoever in life has harmed your faith and confidence you need to block it out of your mind and forgive. Forgive for your own sake and not for the sake of the people that harmed you.

You must move forward even when everything seems hopeless. Even when you think nobody supports you. Always, always remember that you are somebody. You always have been.

Forgive, and move forward. Even if the person that harmed you was you yourself remember that we are all at times our own worst enemies and our own best friends in quite a few situations. Forgive yourself as well, and learn from your perceived obstacles that were there to spur your forward and not to set you back.

By Chad Willis

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