When we truly desire something in life, and take action steps towards our goal the whole universe conspires for us to achieve it. There is no magic involved simply a process that corresponds with our free will that has made a definite goal and decided to set on a path to that goal no matter the obstacles on the way. 

Is it really this simple? Yes it is. The entire history of human kind has shown us great men and women that with perseverance, their ideas and action achieved whatever they set as their destinations in their lives.

Our lives are made of our thoughts first and foremost since those thoughts shape our thinking process, our decisions in life and the actions we take in life as we partake in whatever circumstances of our lives no matter the poisonous thought that whispers “impossible.” There is nothing impossible in the lifespan of a human being. Even the persecuted scientists, ridiculed inventors, mocked innovators of history have come before us to teach us with their trials and errors and success that what we think, say and do truly can and will echo in all of eternity even if our minds are unable to perceive eternity in all its glory and mysticism.

The most important step in attracting wealth into our lives is controlling our thoughts to positive can do attitude even when you seem to hit a dead end. Failures are often just successes in disguise and you can always if not use them to your advantage then learn from them as you move on your path. The key idea here is to move along no matter what happens, and you will attain your goals.

The web of positive thinking patterns which dispel all forms of fear weaves the ways to success in our lives. Negative thought patterns that focus on our different fears in life only attract other negative thoughts and patterns in life, and keep us away from attaining what we truly desire in life.

There are different types of wealth; monetary wealth, wealth of love, wealth of health, and at times wealth of life.  Each are connected in one or many ways. Our conscious and unconscious parts of our self need to be convinced that what we truly desire is our definite goal for which we will work towards to by taking action steps where we don’t doubt or fear ourselves even when the tough gets going.

In return for whatever we desire in life we must give something in return since in nature there is no such thing as something for nothing. If you desire millions of dollars then you must write down what service, goods, skills, talents will you give back for those millions. If you desire love in your life then you must decide that you will give back love in return as well.

Nature is about giving and receiving. It’s an endless cycle that might seem unfair at times, but is what keeps life on our planet going in a nutshell.  There is no need to fear this law of nature, since we are a part of nature and thus should take in accounts the laws of it.  What we give out to the ether, to the world around us we get back sooner or later in one form or another.

This is the secret of life with which we all know on a deeper level yet are too often held back by our own fears or other people’s fears, our own doubts or insecurities which in the grand span of a human life are truly meaningless and can never truly overshadow the greatest of the human mind and the doors it can open in one’s lifetime.

By Chad Willis

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