Your potential is made up of things such as your gifts, your talent, your work ethic and your desire to succeed. This describes in detail who you are and it defines how unique you are in this world. We are each very unique because our life calling and dreams are all so different. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, you are like no one else. With that being said – We must stop comparing ourselves to other people and start embracing our own uniqueness. This uniqueness can ultimately unleash your greatest potential. In this moment, be happy with yourself because if you are, you will never be disappointed with your own personal progress. We often refer to the human race as a contest and focus on who is winning and who is falling behind. But perhaps the race also is not just about winning, but who shows up to run it, and the type of race they run. Many times, the victor is the person who makes the race their own.

By Chad Willis

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